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ESL Endorsement

Kindergarten - Grade 12

The Arizona Department of Education, Teacher Certification Unit, requires the following for Elementary Teacher Certification*:

Possession of a valid Arizona Elementary, Secondary or Special Education Teaching Certificate

Verification of a second language learning experience as documented by any of the following:
* Passage of 6 hours in a single language
* Verified completion of an intensive language training program (Peace Corps, Foreign Service Institute, Defense Language Institute)
* Placement by the language department of a university in a third semester level study
* Placement at level 1 intermediate/low or more advanced score on the oral proficiency
* Interview as verified in writing by the America Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages
* Passage of the Arizona Classroom Spanish Proficiency Exam
* Presentation of a letter from tribal official attesting to student proficiency in the language of the tribe
Completion of a supervised practicum in a bilingual setting at the appropriate grade level of the certificate or two years of successful bilingual teaching at the appropriate grade level of the certificate as verified by the district superintendent or equivalent.




TESL 530 Foundations of Instruction for Limited-English-Proficient Students 3
TESL 531 Assessment of Limited-English- Proficient Students 3
TESL 532 LinguisticsĀ  3
TESL 535

Teaching Reading and Writing to Limited-English-Proficient-Students

TESL 533

Methods of Teaching English as a Second Language

TESL 534

Cultural Component for ESL/BLE

ESL Practicum 3


*It is recommended that you contact the Department of Education at (520) 628-6327 to ensure that you understand and meet all certification/endorsement requirements.

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