eBook Collection

eBook Benefits

Web-based reader made for easy online viewing

Download whole book and/or individual chapters

Option to buy printed books (additional cost)

Over 800 titles in the eBook Collection

Access to ALL titles, not just ones for your class

Ability to search the entire collection

DRM—Digital Rights Management

DRM is a technological means to protect files from being copied illegally. The eBook Collection uses DRM to protect any eBooks downloaded from the system. This means students will only be able to use the downloaded PDF file for themselves. This page shows how to access protected PDF files.

Click here for more details about DRM.

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  What is the eBook Collection?

The eBook Collection is a library of hundreds of books available for students to search, browse, and read. This tool is available to all University of Phoenix students as a part of rEsource—our platform for the delivery of electronic course materials.

The Collection contains books covering many different fields including management, business, technology, education, and health sciences.

How will you know if the eBook Collection is used in your class?

If your course used PDF files for class readings, the links on the rEsource page may have looked like this:
READING: Project Management and the Organization, Chapter 2 (View)
READING: Project Management and the Organization, Chapter 2 (Print)

If the eBook Collection is being used, the links now look like this:
EBOOK: Project Management and the Organization, Chapter 2

How do I use the eBook Collection?

The majority of all University of Phoenix courses use the eBook Collection. Look for the icon on your course rEsource page to know if eBook Collection is used for your course readings.

Every rEsource course page has a link to the eBook Collection. Students can always access the hundreds of titles on the site by clicking this link.

ebook FAQ

Q: Why have we switched to the eBook Collection?
A: This new tool gives students more choices and flexibility when it comes to reading class material

Q: Do I have to read on the computer?
A: No. The eBook Collection gives students four options for reading:

  1. Read on the web page
  2. Download a PDF file
  3. Print from web page or PDF
  4. Buy the printed book*

*Buy book for an additional cost

Click to see a comparison of the four ways to read eBooks.

Q: Are there additional charges?
A: There is no additional charge for accessing the electronic eBooks. If students choose to buy a printed version of the book via the distributor link, that cost is in addition to the rEsource charge.

Q: Do I need new software?
A: No special software is needed to access the eBooks on a web page. If you choose to download the PDF file, you will need the free Adobe Reader application.